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  • am-i_-i-am-book


    Am I? I Am

    Suggested Price: $4.99

    Identity, Relationship, and Authority: The pillars of purpose and destiny.

  • 3 Christian eBook Bundle


    eBook Bundle Download

    Suggested Price: $3.99$4.49

    Get the power-packed word of God written by Happy Zhou from his best three titles, Knowing Your Inner Man, How I Discovered God, and The Power of the Word of God. Get to know God’s purpose for your life, the healing, delivering, and prospering power of God. Enjoy a life turn around testimony, that shows you exactly how God is still in the business of changing lives around.

  • How_I_Discovered_God_Cover_for_Kindle


    How I Discovered God

    Suggested Price: $4.49

    A true story about how I discovered my life purpose and the reality of Jesus Christ.

  • Knowing_Your_Inner_M_Cover_for_Kindle


    Knowing Your Inner Man

    Suggested Price: $4.49

    How To Know Your Purpose and Leave A Fulfilling Life

  • The power of the word of God


    The Power of The Word of God

    Suggested Price: $3.99

    His word prospers delivers, heals, and blesses.